Bruce Trail ETE – Beaverdale Forest Area to Blantyre

The final stretch of the Beaver Valley Section was completed the day AFTER already having run 40K. So saying we were a little tired is the understatement of the year.

We woke up bright and early, had some breakfast at Caits and bid adieu to Cait and her lovely family. We drove both Vehicles over to Blantyre where we planned to finish for the day and left Jaime’s car there, then drove Jessica’s over to the Beaverdale Forest Area where we finished the day before.

There are loads of free parking options along the Bruce trail and we managed to start and end almost all our runs so far using these options.

Our day began pretty slowly. We were feeling pretty tired from the day before but after a few kilometers we found our groove and kept it nice and easy. Karen was planning to join us again at some point so we kept an eye out for her and continued our way north on the Bruce.

The trail through this last 26K was a large mix of farm fields and some short sections of trail (more farms the closer to Blantyre we got). The trail volunteers did a great job keeping the trails groomed through these sections (grass was freshly cut!) but I have heard stories from a few weeks prior of it being really over grown.

We passed some lovely waterfalls and took notice that the trail was really starting to change through here as we neared the Sydenham Section. More and more rocks on the trail made for some funky footwork!

We took our time, giving thanks that our legs were still feeling quite good after the 40K of punishment the day before and Karen did eventually catch us out on the trail with about 10K to go. We took it easy and before we knew it we reached our car in Blantyre and the end of the Beaver Valley Section. Yay!

I really did love the Beaver Valley Section and its on the top of my list of sections to come back to and explore. There are so many blue side trails that I wanted to go and explore but will have to leave those for another day!

A huge thanks to my friends who joined me through this section while Gemma was away. Its always great to have company out on these long treks but even better when its fantastic company! An especially big thanks to the Beaver Valley Trail Club for generously offering Trail Angel Services and to the Lovely Cait and her husband for offering up their home to us! You all rock! Next up….SYDENHAM!!!

The Stats:

Total Kms in Beaver Valley Section: 113.8

Kms completed in Beaver Valley Section: 113.8 (100%)

Total Kms completed on Bruce Trail: 559 (62.7%)

Total Kms of Bruce Trail: 892Km


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