Bruce Trail ETE – Beaver Valley Lookout Lot to Beaverdale Forest Area

In order to finish up the Beaver Valley Section I planned a 2 Day, 65Km run to finish it off. Again, with Gemma out of the province I put out another SOS in my Trail Group to find some running buddies! This time around we had a ladies weekend with Jessica and Jaime joining me for the weekend and Trail Angel Extraordinaire Cait, taking us into her home in Collingwood for the weekend. The trail community is JUST THAT AWESOME!

I had met Cait while pacing Chantal Warriner on her Bruce Trail End to End and had run with her and Gemma through the Blue Mountains Section. So I knew she was a fantastic baker and had a lovely family, and when she offered for us to stay with her it was a no brainer. Definitely beat camping since the evenings were quite cold that weekend!

We started the weekend off by Jessica and I carpooling up to the Beaver Valley Lookout Lot to meet up with Jaime and Cait. We had planned for 40K on this first day and since Beaver Valley forms a giant “V” with a 2K side-trail connecting the section, we were able to just park at the start.

Jessica was planning to run 20K so she met us a bit further south and ran across the valley to her car then picked us up later at the 40K end point. A lot of planning and coordinating went into this one!!

We started the day with a short road section then dipped right into the trail. This whole day we were treated to constant views of Beaver Valley so it was hard not to stop often and take it all in. In usual Cait fashion we took a fueling break at a viewpoint to enjoy some of her tasty baked goods then proceeded to meet up with Jessica.

We made quick time through Eugenia Falls and Hoggs Falls down to the most southern point of the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Section. Was kinda neat seeing this sign and how far I have come this year along the trail!

Once through the Hoggs Falls area we started making our way back north on the Trail. We bid adieu to Jessica and eventually met up with our friend Karen who had parked at where we were finishing and ran out to meet us.

It was great having her along as we made our way across the Beaver Valley Ski Club as we would have had a tough time navigating through here. The grass was quite long and blocked some of the trail markers.

We were literally climbing Ski hills through here! Once past the Ski Club we made our way through the Wodehouse Creek Management area and the Herman Mcconnell Memorial Forrest.

Some beautiful running through this section on pretty tired legs.

We finally met up with Jessica 40Kms later and made our way over to Caits place where we feasted on Lasagna and Wine and Lounged in Hammocks. A super successful Day 1!


Total Kms in Beaver Valley Section: 113.8

Kms completed in Beaver Valley Section: 89.2 (78.4%)

Total Kms completed on Bruce Trail: 534.4 (60%)

Total Kms of Bruce Trail: 892Km


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