Bruce Trail ETE – Craigleith to Beaver Valley Lookout Lot

Whoa I am BEHIND on these posts!!! Will be catching up this week with a number of end to end posts. Probably not as much detail since some of it has faded from my mind, or blurred together within the sections, but I will do my best to give you a recap!

Back in August I started the Beaver Valley Section of the Bruce. My Partner in crime was out in BC for a few weeks running her goal race of the season so I was on my own for this entire section (she completed it when I was out of province for my own Race!). Since the drives are getting long to the northern sections I really wanted to bite off large portions at a time. For this day in particular I had planned 49.2K starting in Craigleith (Top of Blue Mtn) and ending just south of Kimberley at the Beaver Valley Lookout Parking Lot on Hwy 13 (yay for free parking at both ends!)

I was nervous running a new to me trail alone for such a long stretch so I put out an SOS on my trail clubs Facebook page and ended up with a few friends who tagged along for the Day! Jerome was tackling the whole 49K with me, we had Liam for the first 12K and Nick for the last 25K.  I have run with all 3 guys before so I felt comfortable with pace and the company!

We started the day bright and early (5am!!) to drive up to our planned finish spot. I had managed to secure a trail angel (Fairy Trail Angel Glenda!) to shuttle us up to Craigleith. It saved us a longer drive home after a very long day on our feet. Trail Angels are just the best and the Beaver Valley Section was so lovely to deal with!

We met up with Liam in Craigleith and started the day. The first bit of trail was a mix of great single track with some great views. We made our way through the Len Gertler Memorial Loree Forest and then through SO MANY FARMERS FIELDS.

They were endless and sometimes really overgrown. At some point through here Liam turned back to head back to his car and we continued on.  We were on a mix of road and field until we reached Kolapore where we met up with Nick.

Through the Kolapore uplands we were greeted with some great trail, lots of ups and downs and beautiful rock formations, cliffs and caves.

We passed through Metcalfe Rock and then through the Duncan Crevice Caves. So many photo ops through here!

The lack of road through the last 20K was greatly appreciated and the views were fantastic once we started heading south again on the Bruce alongside the Beaver Valley Lowlands.

Our last Viewpoint of the day was the Old Baldy Lookout point and then we had a short road section back to our cars.

It was a long day but one of the nicest sections of the Bruce I have run to date (and I have a feeling I will be saying this in the next post as well ha!)

The Stats:

Total Kms in Beaver Valley Section: 113.8

Kms completed in Beaver Valley Section: 49.2 (43.2%)

Total Kms completed on Bruce Trail: 494.4 (55.4%)

Total Kms of Bruce Trail: 892Km




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