BT ETE – Noisy River to Pretty River

I was super excited to get into the Blue Mountains section of the Bruce. I had never run up here and had heard there was plenty of elevation to be had (ahem it is called Blue MOUNTAIN), which was perfect for my training plan.

We decided to finish off the section in a weekend by splitting the run into 40K on day 1 and 20K on day 2, staying in a Bed and Breakfast overnight. It was the perfect plan for a Girls Trail Running Getaway and we were Pumped!

Gemma and I decided to only take 1 vehicle out and our host at the bed and breakfast offered Trail Angel services for a small charge. So on Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and drove out to Pretty River Conservation area to meet her at our finish lot. She drove us down to Noisy River, gave us instructions to check in to the B&B (and we made a quick stop there to drop our water off) and we were on our way!

We met up with a couple of Gemma’s friends down at Noisy River who were joining us for the first 10K of our adventure. We made super slow progress right from the start as the trails were SUPER overgrown. We literally could have used Machetes on this portion of trail. It wasn’t until about 7k into the run that we were able to pick up some speed again and before we knew it our friends bid adieu to us and we were on our own for the rest of the 30K slog.

We quickly made our way over to the Nottawasaga bluffs and were treated to some very cool crevices on the trail and we decided to take a short out and back detour to the Keyhole Side trail to go and explore the caves and of course…the Keyhole itself.

It was a beautiful detour and worth the extra 1K of running for the day to see.

Back on the main trail we made our way over to Devils Glen Provincial Park where we were greeted with Plenty of hill climbing and descending on the Devils Glen Ski hills. It was quite technical with a lot of loose rock so we found our downhills to be just as slow going as our uphills. Once through Devils glen we made a short detour to our Bed and Breakast (only 200M off trail) to refill our water and then we were back on the trail for the remaining 17K.

We hit another patch of long grass (and sharp as a million knives Wheat fields) and country roads through here and since the grass was a bit more manageable to run through we picked up the pace.

When all of a sudden I went from running to lying flat on my face on the ground. A pesky groundhog had decided to make its home under the long grass and I never saw the hole coming and landed right in it. Somehow I did not break my leg on this fall and only came out with a couple monster bruises on my legs. I shook it off and we kept on running!

Next up was the Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Nature Reserve. Beautiful rock formations, Magical forest and again its fair share of climbs. We knew this was our last Park before a short road section to the car and made quick progression through here (but still making sure to snap some pics!). Before we knew it we were back at our cars, feeling excited but exhausted!

We headed over to our B&B to rest for the night and explored the Grounds. This place was really an amazing find! It was situated on a Hobby Farm and had a lovely pool for us to take a cool dip in after a long hot day.


We headed into Creemore for an AMAZING dinner then settled back into the B&B’s media room for a movie then bed (I fell asleep 5 minutes into the movie lol). We had a early morning planned with 20K of climbs on deck so we wanted to make sure we got a good nights rest!

The Stats:

Total Kms in Blue Mountains Section: 66

Kms completed in Blue Mountains Section: 45.7 (69%)

Total Kms completed on Bruce Trail: 424.9 (47.6%)

Total Kms of Bruce Trail: 892Kms


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