Bruce Trail ETE – Pretty River to Craigleith

Day 2 of our Blue Mountains Adventure had us up bright and early, but well rested at our Hobby Farm B&B . 

This B&B is a serve yourself style breakfast, with farm fresh eggs provided (that you can cook yourself) and Breads, spreads and pastries. We ate a filling portion and chatted a bit with the other guests, then made our way over to the pastures and barns to feed the animals some apples for breakfast.

Some of them got a little cheeky for our liking (Especially the Sheep and Donkey!) But it was a fun experience!

With ourselves and the animals fed we made our way over to our finish spot at the end of the Blue Mountains Section in Craigleith to meet our trail Angel (and her fam!), Cait!

I met Cait when I was pacing Chantal Warriner on her Bruce Trail FKT this summer and when she heard we were going to be running in her hometown stomping grounds she offered to Trail Angel (and RUN!) for us! Cait is just the best ever!

Cait’s husband dropped us all off at Pretty River and we began our 20K run…in the pouring rain.

The first 5K were a lot of climbing through the Pretty River Conservation Area. It really is a beautiful park and we enjoyed the lush forest we were running though. Even if it felt like we were running on ice with the slippery wet rocks!

After Pretty River we went straight into the Petun Conservation Area and onto the Osler Bluffs. We took a break to have a quick snack (Thanks for the homemade Energy balls Cait! See??? She really is the best!) and to take in the beautiful views!

We were picking up speed as the trails became more groomed and obviously more popular and before we knew it we were approaching Blue Mountain and said our goodbyes to Cait as she made her way home.

We ran through the Scenic Caves section of Blue where we encountered a group on the zip lines and made quick time through these groomed mostly gravel sections.

Reaching the top of Blue Mountain we encountered a very short but VERY overgrown section of trail where I almost stepped on a Turkey and its babies. THe turkey was PISSED and did charge at us, so like mature adults we screamed bloody murder and ran through the trail away from the territorial turkeys and onto a quick stretch of road on the top of Blue.

We were treated at the summit to panoramic views of Georgian Bay and the Ski hills. It was quite busy with tourists here but we found they tended to congregate by the big parking lots and Gondola access.

Once away from this section and back on the trails we were alone on the top of the mountain. And then down…then up…then down…then one last climb!

The trail passes by a few impressive Chalets and next thing we knew we were at my car and at the End of the Blue Mountains Section of the Bruce…and more notably..50% DONE!

I really did love this section of the Bruce and plan to come back to visit the many Blue Side Trails we encountered along the way. There are plenty of Caves, Bluffs and Crevices to explore and the Conservation Areas are Beautiful. Not to mention the Scandanave Spa is close by and you BET we spent a good 4 hours there post run!!

Next up is Beaver Valley!

The Stats:

Total Kms in Blue Mountains Section: 66

Kms completed in Blue Mountains Section: 66 (100%)

Total Kms completed on Bruce Trail: 445.6 (50%)

Total Kms of Bruce Trail: 892Km


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