Bruce Trail ETE – Kilgorie to Noisy River!

After a few weeks off to complete some other adventures we headed back out to the Bruce to complete the Dufferin Hi-lands section. We knew we just under 25K left of the section and since I had a 30K long run on the schedule we decided to finish up Dufferin and start Blue Mountains to get the Mileage in!

We were greeted with MUCH better weather than the last time we hit up Dufferin and had 3 lovely friends join us.

After we dropped a car just outside Noisy River we made our way back to Kilgorie to start the run. Right away we missed a turn into the trail and added on about 1K on the road. Oopsy! Back on track we made our way into the trail and into the Pine River Fishing Area.

This area was lovely single track on cushy pine needle covered trails. We came upon some ruins just inside the trail and after a bit of research found out these were what was left of an old powerhouse of the Dufferin Light & Power Company. (source:

We also found another Trail log and made sure to take a quick stop to sign it (these are always a favourite of ours! I wish there were more!)

We made quick work of this section and were greeted by some running through open meadows for a few kms. We were also greeted by some farm friends through this section who were grazing.

We didn’t want to startle the cattle and power hiked past them. Although very curious they kept their distance and we continued on our way.

Once through the meadows we made our way into Black Bank Creek where we were greeted with lovely single track trail running.

After Black bank creek we were spit back out for a couple kms of road and the end of Dufferin Hi-lands in the town of Lavender (yay!).

We then Entered the Blue Mountains Section and Noisy River Provincial Reserve. We planned on running the entire reserve and exiting on the North side on Hwy 9 to end the day.

Noisy River was really a beautiful section with its share of technical rocky sections, deep crevices and cave, ponds and of course the rushing waters of Noisy River itself.

We did encounter what we thought was someone yelling for help, then realized it was just a group of dirt bikers having a celebration next to a pond in the reserve. Before we knew it we were out of the reserve and back at our car.

We waited a couple minutes for the rest of our group to catch up and realized that at sometime during the run we became Deer fly bait. A great run was had with as always, lovely company! This brought me almost half way through the Bruce Trail with only what I can imagine will be the best sections left to come! Bring it!

Total Kms in Dufferin Hi-lands Section: 56.2

Kms completed in Dufferin: 56.2(100%)

Total Kms in Blue Mountains Section: 66

Kms completed in Blue Mountains Section: 8.6 (13%)

Total Kms completed on Bruce Trail: 387.8 (43.5%)

Total Kms of Bruce Trail: 892Kms


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