Review: Mizuno Wave Shad0w

My job as a Mizuno Brand ambassador is an easy one. Wear the product I already love and to test out the new gear that comes out. This year Mizuno retired its much loved Wave Sayonara Road shoe and replaced it with the Wave Shadow.

I was sent these shoes about 5 weeks ago. I have worn them for about 150 Road kms and even twice on trail and once in sand in Antigua.  I can actually say I tried them on all surfaces and in 3 countries. Hows THAT for a wear test! 

As soon as I took them out of the box I noticed that although these were replacing the Sayonaras they were very much a different shoe. Slipping them on I noticed right away how light they were. Although a lower drop than my regular Wave riders  (12mm) the Shadow at 8mm were very easy for my feet to adapt to because of the cushion in the insole and the signiture Waveplate technology. I find it easy for me to transition into any mizuno shoe but still to be careful, my first few runs in them were short to get used to the new drop. It wasnt long before I was doing my longer speed workouts in them with ease. 

I found myself neglecting my Wave Riders in the following weeks for these shoes. They just felt so good on and the new foam/mesh material on the toe box was very breathable in the southern Ontario summer heat. Caught in the rain for one of my runs I noticed this material also dried very quickly which is a plus! 

I do find the shoe a bit on the narrow side (plus for me), but for my foot it perfectly cradles my heel with no slippage and there was ample room in the toe box for any swelling that may happen on a long hard workout. I do have issues with any shoe with regards to lacing and a pressure point on the top of my foot. So skipping a loop in the lacing and adding a heel lock quickly solved that issue and the shoes have been comfortable and a favourite ever since. 

I love bright colours so when I opened the box and saw these I instantly knew these would be a favourite! So far it looks like this is the only colour available in woman’s in Canada, but I am sure Mizuno will launch others as the season moves on.

I am glad Mizuno replaced the Sayonara with these, I was never really a fan of the Sayonaras as I found them bulky and when i ran I found my foot strike change into a footslap as opposed to my preferred forefoot strike. They really weren’t the shoe for me and became a crosstraining shoe instead of a running shoe.

Some specs about the Wave Shadow:

Drop: 8mm


Shoe type: Neutral

Price: $145CDN

I will be adding these into my training rotation for good for speedwork. Mizuno really did something right with the Shadow and they make an excellent compliment to my shoe collection!

If you are interested in purchasing your own pair of Wave Shadows you can visit the link below or any of your Local Mizuno distributors:


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