BT ETE – Glen Haffy to Mono Cliffs

Reporting back on the second half of our Caledon Bruce Trail end to end! 

Our morning started off with a little bit of confusion. The Bruce trail app mentioned side of the road parking at the end of the Caledon section/beginning of Dufferin Hi-lands however, when we arrived we found the road shoulder much too narrow to safely leave our vehicles there for the day. Especially since in the 5 minutes we were pulled over there we had 2 cars speed by honking at us. We instead parked a couple cars over at the Mono cliffs recreation centre about 1km away. 

After the car drop off we made our way over to the start at Glen Haffy Conservation area where we left off the prior week. They were calling for a bit of rain in the morning that was supposed to taper off but leaving us with nice and cool temperatures for the day. 

We started the run in great spirits and loved the trails through Glen Haffy. They were soft pine needle or dirt trails that made for great running. Short gradual hills made it easy to keep the pace steady and comfortable. 

We eventually made our way out of Glen Haffy and across Airport road into Glen Cross where we said goodbye to a few friends who joined us for the first half and hello to a few who were joining us for the second half. 

We were entering the Hockley Valley portion of the Bruce trail which I love. I have run through this area on a few other occasions and love the trails, elevation changes and technical terrain. 

There was very little road through this whole section which is another reason why I love it so much. 

We also made sure to get a photo op with the infamous old car on the trail. Who knows how it got so far into the woods!

A fun part of running this section is actually running through the hockley valley ski hills. The views are great from the top. You descend the ski hills via the Golf Course paths that run adjacent to the hill. Its a fun downhill!

Once you pass through the Hockley valley preserve you continue on the trail over multiple bridges and again lovely runnable pine forest trails. I highly recommend taking some time to explore the side trails in the preserve. Its a wonderful area to visit.

Soon our group made it to the Caledon/Dufferin hi-lands border and called it a day. We made the 1k trek across Mono Centre rd back to our vehicles and then drove over to our local favourite breakfast spot Barbs Kitchen. Where we feasted and celebrated our completion of the Caledon Bruce trail!

I am taking a few weeks off the End to ends to focus on a couple races. Will be back at it in June to start the Dufferin Hi-lands! 

The Stats:

Length of Caledon Section: 70.24Kms

Amount Completed: 70.24km (100%)

Total Length of Bruce Trail: 892kms

Total Completed: 36.2% 


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