BT ETE – Cheltenham to Glen Haffy

Catching up on some end to end posts this week!

A few weeks ago we started the Caledon section of the Bruce Trail. I have previously run none of this section so was unsure of what to expect through here. I basically knew just from looking at the Bruce Trail App that we would be hitting A LOT of road through here. In fact I think over 50% of the run was on roads and country roads. Not a lot of fun for the average trail runner!

As usual we had a fantastic group of runners join me and Gemma for this leg. We have such a supportive trail running community that we really haven’t had any problems finding friends to join us on these adventures.

We started the run from where we left off on the Toronto Section at the Cheltenham Badlands. We knew right off the bat we would have a section of road to conquer so we began the run in high spirits and started talking about stories of the Bruce trail and the Bruce Trail Baton Relay that was on going. When one of us mentioned “wouldn’t it be cool if we saw the Baton on our run?” it was like the Baton spoke to us and literally…suddenly appeared on the horizon! Ha! We ran up to the group of Hikers/Volunteers from the Caledon Bruce Trail Org carrying it and asked for a photo with the Baton. A great start to our end to end adventure and a fun memory!

The first major section of trail that we hit was the Belfountain Conservation area where we were greeted with beautiful trails, some cool rocky descents and picture perfect opportunities!

There is a side trail off the main trail there that leads to a swing bridge that we found out about after the fact. I will need to come back and run through here in the summer to explore the side trails. After Belfountain we were back on the road for a short bit to the Forks of the Credit Provincial park. There is a Main bruce trail reroute through the park as the old trail brought you to the viewing platform for the waterfalls. We took the side trail up to the falls anyways…took a food/drink break here…then retraced our steps back to the main trail.

We made our way out of the park over to Willoughby rd were our aid station awaited us and 3 of our running friends bid adieu to us. We filled up our water here as the temps were rising and headed back out. 

Some extra options at our aid station 😉

We ran alongside the Escarpment Sideroad for quite some time here. It was hot and with little shade on the road and the rolling hills the group quickly became fatigued. The views of the city from up there were quite beautiful though and we tried to keep our spirits up whenever we could by recounting funny stories while out on the trails.

We were literally on the road for most of the rest of the run until we hit the section of trail just south of Glen Haffy. We were quite worried at times as the portion heading up Airport road was very unsafe due to Drivers speeding by us and a small shoulder of road to run on followed by a steep ditch. 

Eventually we did make it back to our Finish area just outside of the Glen Haffy Conservation area where we had parked cars earlier that morning. Glad to have this section out of the way with all that road before the real hot temperatures arrive!

The Stats:

Length of Caledon Section: 70.24Kms

Amount Completed: 35.38 (50.4%)

Total Length of Bruce Trail: 892kms

Total Completed: 31%


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