Wear Test – Mizuno Wave Hayate 2

Since becoming an Ambassador for Mizuno I have had to opportunity to wear test a lot of their gear and shoes. This is an easy task for me as I love their product and have been running in their shoes since I started long distance running.

From the Around the Bay Road Race in 2012 wearing my first pair of Mizuno Wave Riders!


I have never run in their trail shoes though. I honestly didn’t know they had a trail shoe until the last year or so and since then have been itching to try them out. My problem was I had a bunch of trail shoes in rotation that still had life to them, so I patiently waited.

So, when Mizuno sent me a package with the Wave Hyate 2 trail shoe last week I quickly retired my old Salomon’s and went for my first run in these this past weekend. Now…don’t do what I did and go run 20Kms in snow for your first run. ha! Luckily, the shoes felt fantastic and other than them being the slightest bit too tight (Wearing 1 pair of ski socks and 2 pairs of regular socks…I know…it was COLD!) they were awesome. I should have just worn my Breath Thermo socks but they were in the wash and I had to make do with the 3 layers to keep my feet warm. Note to self, BUY MORE BREATH THERMO SOCKS!

I did have to lace these shoes with a heel lock. I had the sensation in the heel cup that my foot would pop out of the shoe, so the heel lock lacing kept my foot secure and eliminated this issue.

Figuring out my lacing with these babies


The Wave Hayate 2 is a little bit of a lower profile shoe than what I have been used to running with on the trails. I was looking forward to this as I found the bulkiness of my old trail shoes was causing me to roll my ankle a lot on rugged terrain. I needed to feel the trail beneath my feet. These shoes do just that. They offer just the right amount of cushioning so that going over rocky sections doesn’t hurt your soles but you are still able to feel the trail. The lugs on the bottom of the shoe also offer the perfect amount of grip on the trail. I figured this time of year is the best to try a pair of trail shoes. If I can stay upright on powdery snow with small icy sections, then I am good to go anywhere! BUT, for peace of mind I did take the shoes out for a second run the next day on clear of snow trails in the Niagara region, pretty much the only area in Ontario right now with clear trails.

Day 2 of testing on clear of ice and snow trails – Still wearing 3 pairs of socks…be gone -20c weather!!!


My second run in these shoes was 22K along the Bruce Trail and Laura Secord Trail in Niagara. The trail had groomed gravel sections, rocky escarpment sections, dirt sections with lots of roots and some short road sections. The shoe felt great across all the terrains and after 40K in 2 days in these shoes, I was showing no signs of soreness on my feet or calves (the first indication for me when a shoe isn’t right). I still had a bit of pinching in my toes due to the 3 layers of socks again (-20c weather would do that) nothing crazy and just annoying, so when I got home I threw on JUST my (now clean) breath thermo socks and found the shoes to be just the perfect size. In the future I may size up a 1/2 size to allow for this and swelling during long runs in the summer months.

I still have yet to try these out in mud..but its January and the weather just isn’t co-operating up here in Ontario for a muddy run, so that will have to wait until spring, but for now these shoes are doing the trick for me on the trails!

Some Specs for you about the shoe:

Mizuno Wave Hayate 2

Weight: 7.2oz

Heel toe drop: 9mm

Shoe type: Trail – Neutral


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